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Here at Starview Satellite Installers we specialize in proper installations in Graafwater and following the set standards. Our prices and services are up to the Multichoice standards ensuring the best and quality services. Your reviews are always welcome for our service improvement.

Get all your DSTV Repairs, DSTV Upgrades, DSTV Relocations, and DSTV Installations in Graafwater. When you need quality DSTV Installation services, look no further. We got you covered!

If you are looking for a clean and stable DSTV dish installation we are the guys fit for the job. With the latest tools and experienced installers, nothing but entertainment will come between you and your satellite. This also includes setting up LNB and wiring the cable from the satellite to the decoder.


For years we have perfected our Installing Skills and equipment. Get the best crystal clear HD/4K viewing from installing the double LNB for a better view. Our Satellite Dish Installation specialists in Western Cape Suburbs, are trained to position your satellite dish.

How much is it to install a satellite?

We charge on the type of satellite to be installed, LNB outlets, and per length of the cable and material/spares used.

Our cost is reasonably affordable same as to our spare parts which we guarantee the best service in the market. There are various prices but as professionals, we always set our cost to an affordable standard as to the Multichoice services Agreement.

We offer once-off services and also contract agreements. whether it’s periodic repairs and regular check-ups and installations we are always there to assist you 24/7.If not satisfied with our services we are always for feedback for it is useful to the company.

1.TripleView Installations

You get to watch three separate DSTV channels. This setup is perfect for Guest Houses, or homes that have too many rooms. Get in touch with us today, to set up your DSTV Triple View Installations in the Western Cape at affordable rates.

2. Communal Dish Installations

This idyllic setup is suitable for Complexes, Flats, Guesthouses, Hotels, Lodges. This prevents you from installing and relocating your satellite each time you want to move to a new place. All you need is your power pack and decoder.

Communal DStv Installations Graafwater keeps your property looking good, and requires a Starview, to set you up. We also maintain several complexes and communal residential areas which have a single satellite on many decoders.

Dstv Installation

What Makes us The Best DSTV Installers?

We Provide the following DSTV Services To Perfection Without Error:

1. Customer support, our team Is equipped with the latest telephony and chatting Devices. Our operating hours are from 7 AM to 8 PM. Requests after operating hours will be scheduled for the day.

2. Same Day Service Whether it’s a Complex, Residential House, or Hotel all our DSTV installations are done in 1 day the very same day, Our services range from a variety of installations, Triple / Xtraview points, TV mountings, explore installations, dish alignments and solving DSTV e48-32 as well as waiting for communication error.

3. [Recommended] Installers According to our reviews we have several recommendations and positive customer reviews. We are highly recommended by many customers, check our review or give us a voice or video call.

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Starview Satellite DSTV Installer is a Group of Qualified Electrical Technicians and Former Multichoice Installing Agents Cape Multiview is one of the leaders in the market. 

We are a reputable company with trained and qualified technicians that cover the whole of the Western Cape. We will finish the job to complete customer satisfaction. 

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Experience Our Dstv Installation Services From Relocating, Dstv Installation, Triple View, Ovhd And Dstv Explora 

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We offer Standard Tv Installation Services, With Strong Brackets For Any Type Of Tv Flatscreen, Plasma, Lcd

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Stay Assured With Our Best Security Cameras Features of the best surveillance systems and quality installation services on the market.

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